Grytestranda Fiskeindustri AS(M-448) was founded by Norbert Engeseth in 1971.
Since 1971 the family owned company has grown step by step, from generation to generation.
 All stages of our production takes place at our modern facility at Grytestranda, outside of Aalesund, Norway. Yearly production ranges between 4000-5000MT. Our employees have great knowledge and experience in the products they are processing, and take great pride in supplying you with the very best. Fish, salt, handcraft & patience is the only ingredients we use, no additives needed. More than 45-years of experience has thought us to keep it simple, in order to make it perfect!

Was in 2016 awarded “Codfish of the year” during a national competition in Norway.


Grytestranda’s main product is the traditional dried salted codfish.
Our dried salted fish is being produced in the same way it has always been,
ensuring a genuine taste of bacalhau for the consumers.
The fish we choose for our production is harvested exclusively from sustainable fisheries.
We can provide our customers with MSC-certified products if needed.

All our dried, salted products follow the same production-cycle:
The fish is splitted, salted, matured, re-salted and matured again before it is ready for drying.
All this happens at controlled & cooled temperatures to maximize the quality of the fish.
After the fish have been through the dryers,
it is cooled and is then ready to be sorted and packed by our experienced employees.
The whole process takes from 6-10 weeks, depending on type of fish. 

Contact info

 Grytestranda 6265 Vatne NORWAY

 Tel: +47 70 20 91 30 - Fax: +47 70 20 91 40