Grytestranda Fiskeindustri AS(M-448) was founded by Norbert Engeseth in 1971.
Since 1971 the family owned company has grown step by step, from generation to generation.
 All stages of our production takes place at our modern facility at Grytestranda, outside of Aalesund, Norway. Yearly production ranges between 4000-5000MT. Our employees have great knowledge and experience in the products they are processing, and take great pride in supplying you with the very best. Fish, salt, handcraft & patience is the only ingredients we use, no additives needed. More than 45-years of experience has thought us to keep it simple, in order to make it perfect!

Was in 2016 awarded “Codfish of the year” during a national competition in Norway.

Org.nr: 924 101 342